June 19: Leadership Change – at Sunset!

President Tom walked into a packed meeting room on this, his last meeting as President. After striking the Great Bell promptly at 5.30, he invited Scott Kays to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance. We were honored to have as guests the following: Past District Assistant Governor and Past President (Brentwood) Fred Ehler, Past President (Vallejo Noon) Mike Diaz and his bride Martha, Charter Member and Visiting Rotarian Jerry Wilkerson, Visiting Rotarian Paul Nannar and his bride Camy, Visiting Rotarian (Vallejo Noon) Tony Intintoli, Visiting Rotarian (Vallejo Noon) Wendy Jones and her spouse Matt, Mike Preovolos‘s father Jim, a former club president and District Governor of Lions (Tom promised not to hold that against either Mike or his dad…) and guests Judi Salvadori and Cindy Sproule. Upon completion of the introduction of guests, Past President Brian Kendall interrupted the proceeding to indicate that because of some problems Tom had manifested throughout his Presidential year, an “Intervention” was in order. Jim Aquino escorted the soon-to-be-departed President from the room.


“Doctor” Jerry Wilkerson and Past Presidents Mike Diaz, Fred Ehler and Jim Aquino Lead “Intervention – at Sunset”


Rotarian Tina Woody Counsels Rotary-Addicted President Tom

We then recessed to another room, now fitted out with heavy hors d’oeuvre and tables set for partying. Tom enjoyed making the rounds to greet and thank Rotarians and guests. The end of the meeting – much delayed beyond the usual 6.15 – came only after Past President Brian gave an inspiring speech highlighting Tom’s presidential year and reconfirming the goals and ideas that make our the best Rotary Club in the World. Brian presented Tom with a beautiful plaque honoring his year as president, and a lovely portrait of him being “presidential”. Brian pinned Tom with a brand new, shiny Past President lapel pin and Tom made a few comments of thanks and appreciation to Rotarians for their hard work and dedication to Rotary: they well and truly “lived” Service Above Self”.

Brian invited President-elect Steve to the podium. With brief words, he pinned Steve with his President’s pin. And, as if he’d practiced for hours, President Steve Davis rang the Great Bell to close this successful intervention-leadership transition meeting.


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