12 June: Awards Ceremony – at Sunset!

For his penultimate meeting, President Tom designated our meeting as a military-style Awards Ceremony. It took several blows to the Great Bell to bring order to the proceedings as Rotarians were in an especially conversational mood!

Honorary club member Brian Thiessen, after educating us on its proper phrasing (no pause between “one nation” and “under God”), led us in selfsame Pledge. There followed a period of spirited Happy Dollar giving. At the end of Happy dollar time, President-elect Steve Davis offered a challenge: $20 to the Rotary Foundation in honor of President Tom’s service to the club. [A week later, Treasurer John Feldman presented Foundation Chair Joan Sumagaysay with a check for $280; Rotarians clearly met the challenge, to President Tom’s thanks and appreciation.]

In introducing the Awards Ceremony President Tom noted that fully 87% of our members made tangible contributions – in volunteer time, special projects work and donations – that made this club’s first year a magnificent success. As noted, the Ceremony took a somewhat military form as President Tom called each Rotarian individually to read a citation that detailed his or her contributions to the club’s success. Then,  he placed a medal with ribbon around the Rotarian’s neck. Rotarian couple Brian and Janet Kendall earned special recognition with medals that bore bronze stars. Rotarian couple John and Cheryl Feldman earned special recognition with a silver star and the Brian Thiesen Award, which honors exemplary service reflecting the true spirit of Rotary. Rotarian couple Mike and Cathy Preovolos garnered gold stars on their medals and the club’s Service Above Self – Rotarian of the Year Award. 

After the Ceremony, we all said farewell to Rotarian Tom Schneider – “the real Tom Snyder/Schneider”, who is leaving us to move to the foothills. Tom served with distinction as our Master-at-Arms.

Jim Aquino announced plans to have another New Member Indoctrination event at his home some time in July. This will be an opportunity for the few red-badgers we still have to gain full blue-badge status.

Before the Great Bell rang the meeting’s close, President-elect Steve recruited 10 club members to be table-mates at the 13 July Presidential Inauguration at a District 5160 congress in Woodland.

Next week, President Tom will be relieved of duty at his final meeting before he and Gina Snyder head out to Lisbon for the Rotary International Conference.

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