17 April: Buffing Our Google + Skills – at Sunset!

Rotarians were prompted to bring their laptops for this meeting, and we even had a couple for loan, so everyone was plopped behind a keyboard and screen, right from the beginning.

Chartering and Past President Brian Kendall led us in a notably un-virtual Pledge of Allegiance, and Special Programs Chair Ed Stern, Rotarian of the Week led us in a game of 20 questions about his life and times. Board Member Sam Thompson had our only guest, Financial Planner Lindsay Elam. We had the briefest of Happy Dollars, then launched directly into our program.

Tawnee Kendall (her last name is awfully familiar) is a Google + strategist for Google. Her mission today was to get every Rotarian present signed up to Google + and in the Solano Sunset Rotary “circle”. As simple as the task is, it took Tawnee our full meeting time and then some, to guide us – ever gently – through the process. And, by Jove, she was successful! There are now 29 Rotarians in the Solano Sunset Rotary Club Google+ Circle. It’s our hope that we can use Google+ to enhance communication to and among our members, as we become used to using it. Thank you, Tawnee! It was nice to have you back with us for this important work!

Before meeting’s close, Sergeant-at-Arms Tom Schneider gave out details and sign-ups for the Rotarians at Work day on Saturday 27 April. We will be painting the exterior window frames and the building of the Child Start pre-school at 1328 Virginia Street. Hours will be 10 am – 2 pm, lunch will be provided. President Tom inquired if any member(s) were planning to go to the RI International Conference in Lisbon this year. He and Programs Co-Chair Gina Snyder are going to be there.

At this, the Great Bell chimed, and Rotarians went their separate ways.

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