6 March: Board Meeting – at Sunset!

Board of Directors Meeting


Board Meeting Attendees:

  1. Tom Snyder – President
  2. Brian Kendall – Past President
  3. John Feldman – Treasurer
  4. Bryant Burleigh – Secretary
  5. Cathy Preovolos – Board Member
  6. Mark Porter – Avenues of Service Coordinator

Agenda Items:

  1. Call to order
  2. Review/Approval of Minutes
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Old Business
    1.       a.  Report on Youth Protection Program – deferred
    2. New Business
    3.       a.  Review and discuss membership survey
    4.       b.  Decide if Luau event will be our official member meeting for the week of 22 April.
    5.       c.  Discuss details of 10 April D5160 Vocational Team (Dentists from “Kenya Smiles” project)
    6. Adjourn


Item 1 (Call to order):  Meeting called to order 4:40 PM at the Courtyard Marriott hotel.

Item 2 (Review & approval of Minutes):  Minutes of February 6 approved.

Item 3 (Treasurer’s report): 

a.  We have met our goal of placing $4000 into our reserve account this year.  Will have $2500 cash at end of year vice larger amount because of unforeseen registration costs.

b.  Need Board agenda item in future to consider not sponsoring two $1100 fire-policemen’s future fundraisers.

c.  Member Paige Meyer is moving jobs and home to another town.  He owes $120 in dues.  We will notify him of his resignation and status.  May not join other clubs unless status with past club (ours) is OK.  Other members “at risk” by not attending cause some problems to the club. Notably, less Happy Dollars, dues in arrears, we do not augment membership, and miss their non-monetary contributions.

Item 4 (Old business)

a. Report on our progress with the Youth Protection Program was deferred.

Item 5 (New business): 

            a.  Membership survey (attached) was presented by President Tom and discussed by the board.  Poor performance indicated on some areas was thought to be due to our club being new and not having completed many projects.  We hope to resolve that with more projects underway in coming year.  Club responses indicate very good friendliness and support amongst members.

b.  Luau fundraising event will be on a Friday.  We will make this count as a regular member meeting.

c.  Carol Larson has resigned from the board because of family health issues.   With Mark out of the room, Tom Snyder suggested Mark Porter replace her on the board.  The board accepted Carol’s resignation and Mark’s replacement of her on the board.  After returning, Mark concurred.

d.  A two year office rotation cycle was discussed.  To achieve overlap in periods over which officers and board members hold office some must be for one and some must be for two years.  A plan must be developed.  Brian and president Tom will work on this.

e.  The District will be sending the Kenya event advertisement to 300 SolanoCounty members.

Item 6 (Adjourn):  Meeting adjourned at 5:20 PM.



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