13 March: Vallejo Symphony – at Sunset!

The large bell rang promptly at 5.30 and interrupted several pleasant conversations among Rotarians. President Tom led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. In lieu of a Rotarian of the Week, President-elect Steve Davis gave us a brief overview of his experience at the President Elect Training Symposium he attended last week. Steve said there were more than 600 Rotary PEs from around the western US at the sessions in San Jose. He related that out here in the west, club sizes range from 7 to more than 400, and with the average going at 35, we’re in the zone – to be average… Steve also thanked the club for the great poster honoring him at PETS. Program Co-chair Gina Snyder has signed Steve up to give us a detailed look at what he learned in San Jose soon.

There were no guests of Rotarians today, but we did welcome back a “visiting Rotarian”, Patrice Williams! Patrice has been on a contract that had her unavoidably working late Wednesday afternoons. But now she’s back, until…

Patrice rose to offer Happy Dollars for her upcoming month long sojourn to northern India and Tanzania. Other moneys flowed from Sheryl Lea, who was also happy to be back after a long time away. Cheryl Feldman paid to peddle tickets to the upcoming “Barkitecture” event on Friday, 5 April, the North Bay Humane Society’s major annual fundraiser. Vice President Liz Burleigh ponied up some bucks just to celebrate being upright, while a gimpy (foot surgery) Polly McCall celebrated a mobility scooter loaned her by Cheryl Feldman. Carol Larson celebrated her husband’s being on the mend after a close call medically. She seemed to exude her usual energy today! Mike Browne handed over folding green to celebrate being pain free after recently being endoscopically relieved of some gall stones; gallbladder surgery is pending, however. Mark Porter and Joan Sumagaysay both also forked over the cash, but your correspondent didn’t get what for.

By now, our guest, Vallejo Symphony Maestro David Ramadanoff was on the scene. After a detailed and enthusiastic introduction by Program Co-Chair Gina, David, who had suffered a tape player casualty and was therefore without the music he had brought to play, gave us a tour de force performance in describing the Vallejo Symphony’s recovery from near financial collapse a couple of years ago to a prospective 3 concert season, supplemented by “VSO Presents” programs of small ensemble for 2013-2014.

There was time for just a few short announcements at the end of the meeting: a reminder that you need to make reservations for our 10 April (Kenya Smiles Dental Vocational Team visit) meeting; the link is here. Also, our First Annual Luau fundraiser is on Friday 26 April. This takes the place of our usual Wednesday meeting that week. Finally, a reminder of the District 5160 Assembly right here in our own backyard – the Solano Community College facility on Columbus Parkway –  in Vallejo, Saturday morning  May 4th, 8.30 am – 1.30 pm. All Rotarians are welcome; I guarantee you’ll have a good time meeting other Rotarians, and learning good Rotary stuff! And it’s FREE! REGISTER HERE

With that, President Tom closed the meeting 3 minutes late, at 6.18 pm.

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