6 March 2013: Our Own Janet Kendall – at Sunset!

This week, we had the pleasure of having one of our own, Club Historian Janet Kendall, as our speaker!

Gina Snyder led the Pledge of Allegiance. Cathy Preovolos, our Rotarian of the Week, told us about growing up in Vallejo, going away to college, marrying Mike Preovolos, and bringing him home to live and work in Vallejo.

Janet Kendall gave a lovely, polished presentation on the famous Nez Perce rodeo performer Jackson Sundown. This presentation was a product of Janet’s honors research project at Cal when she worked for her degree there in the early 2000s; it included some remarkable video clips of Mr Sundown’s bronco riding exploits from the 1910s and 1920s. 

President Tom noted that before the meeting, the Board of directors had, with regret, accepted Carol Larson‘s resignation from that body; Carol will, however, remain an active member of the club! President Tom nominated Mark Porter as her replacement, with unanimous Board assent. Welcome Mark, to the Board!

Tom reminded us that our 10 April meeting will be a County-wide event, as we host District Governor Laura Day and her Kenya Smiles dental vocational team. He reported that more than 300 Solano County Rotarians are invited, and he stressed the need for our members to register via eventbrite; cost is $15. Treasurer John will credit attendees their $10 regular meeting cost on next quarter’s meals invoice.

Cheryl Feldman handed out tickets to our 26 April Luau. Cost is $40, $75 for couples. Members are expected to sell 4 tickets each. The Board of Directors decided to name the Luau our regular meeting for that week, so Treasurer John will credit members who attend their regular $10 meeting meal charge to next quarter’s meals invoice.

We enjoyed a spirited Happy Dollars time while Tom Schneider and Brian Kendall labored to get Tom’s slide show installed on Brian’s computer. Once up and running, Tom showed us the work he’s lining up for us for the 27 April “Rotarians at Work” event. There were many question about the project – so many that the meeting ran over by 5 minutes! Ouch! 

But Rotarians were in good spirits as they filed out into the pleasant California night!


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