6 February 2013: Board Meeting – at Sunset!

Board of Directors Meeting

6 February 2013

Board Meeting Attendees:

  1. Tom Snyder – President
  2. Brian Kendall – Past President
  3. John Feldman – Treasurer
  4. Bryant Burleigh – Secretary
  5. Cathy Preovolos – Board Member
  6. Sam Thompson – Board member
  7. Tom Schneider – Sergeant at Arms
  8. Mark Porter – Avenues of Service Coordinator

Agenda Items:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Review/Approval of Minutes of 9 January
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Old Business
    1.       a.  Report on Youth Protection Program – deferred
    2. New Business

a. Discussion of Possible Attendance Policy

  1. Adjourn


Item 1 (Call to Order):  4:30 PM at the Courtyard Marriott hotel.

Item 2 (Review & approval of Minutes):  Minutes of January 9 approved.

Item 3 (Treasurer’s report):   Our financial position is improving.  Income is more than expected and expenses are lower than planned for this time of year.  We had an unexpected expenditure of $500 for registration with government agencies.   Shontell has been very helpful.  She will be filing Articles of Incorporation shortly.  We are also doing well towards meeting our goal of placing $4000 into our reserve account this year.  Treasurer’s report is attached for reference.

Item 4 (Old business)

a. No report on our progress with the Youth Protection Program.

b. Tom Schneider reported that he is firming up plans with Child Start Incorporated for maintenance projects that may be performed by members of our club.  He will report later when he has firm information.

Item 5 (New business):  

            a.  Brian indicated that a new club is being formed in Fairfield and was of the opinion that we should help them with a donation as other clubs did for us when we were forming.  A normal amount is $500.  The Board approved a $500 donation.

b.  Bryant provided a report on attendance of members and the club for the last half year. His information (with corrected data) is attached for reference.  After discussion it was decided that:

(1)  Bryant will order “Visiting Rotarian” forms to be passed to visitors to assure their clubs give credit as a makeup for attendance data.   John reported that sufficient funds are available for this.

(2)  Attendance reports will be provided to the President and the Board semiannually to consider actions that may be necessary for low attendance.  The data will also be passed to the Membership Committee for consideration of measures to stimulate participation.

(3) The Board will consider participation of members in Rotary projects and attendance at Board and Committee meetings as qualifying make-ups for missed member meetings.

(4)  Bryant will announce at the next member’s meeting the need for attendance and for reporting make-ups.  Prior to the meeting he will prepare a draft announcement for concurrence by Tom Snyder and John.

Item 6 (Adjourn):  Meeting adjourned at 5:15 PM.



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