Board Meeting – 9 January 2013

Board of Directors Meeting

9 January 2013

Board Meeting Attendees:

  1. Tom Snyder – President
  2. Stephen Davis –  Vice President
  3. Brian Kendall – Past President
  4. John Feldman – Treasurer
  5. Bryant Burleigh – Secretary
  6. Cathy Preovolos – Board Member
  7. Cheryl Feldman – Representing Special Events Chair Ed Stern
  8. Shontell Beasley – Visitor
  9. Polly McCall – Visitor

Agenda Items:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Review/Approval of Minutes of 7 November
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Old Business
    1. New Business

a. Receive Report from Shontell Beasley Concerning Audit of Club Books

b. RI Youth Protection Program

c. Accept Jim Aquino’s resignation from the Board as Vice President

d. Receive report on Club major fundraiser

  1. Adjourn


Item 1 (Call to Order):  4:30 PM at the Courtyard Marriott hotel.

Item 2 (Review & approval of Minutes):  Minutes of November 7 approved. ?

Item 3 (Treasurer’s report):   No problems.  Dues payments are going well.

Item 4 (Old business)

a. Member Shontell Beasley of Beasley and Bates Accounting Services reported on her review of the treasurer’s books.  She also had some recommendations.  She found no problems with the books or methods of approving expenditures.  She likes the use of double approval signatures on checks.  She suggested we have a check request form with the signature of the requestor provided.  John Friedman said for some of the routine checks that would be burdensome and not really necessary.  He will instead add a requestor signature line on all non-standard checks.  A letter from Shontell’s company will detailing her findings and recommendations will be forwarded to board members.

b.  Shontell reported that the “feds” will require a payment of $850 (not budgeted) to register as a non-taxable entity.  She is progressing with the form submissions to both the federal and state governments.

Item 6 (New business): 

            a.  Tom indicates that the District requires we designate someone as the Youth Protection Officer.  Tom has designated Polly McCall as the officer and she agreed.  Polly will prepare a club policy to conform to the requirements of the district and present it to the Board for approval.  It will require certification (background check) of members who will be or might be working with children as rotarians.  Two adults will be required where children are present.  Those members not having certification will not be allowed to represent us when working with children.

b.  The Board accepted Jim Aquino’s resignation as one of our two vice presidents.  He has home committments now that prevent him from fully supporting the president.  Tom will have a committee recommend a replacement.

c.  Cheryl reported that April 26 is the date of our planned fundraiser having a Luau theme.  First meeting of the committee will be after the next member meeting on January 16.  Members are encouraged to attend and help.

Item 7 (Adjourn):  Meeting adjourned at 5:15 PM.



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