9 January 2013: Membership Development – at Sunset!

Two weeks had passed without meetings due to the end of year holidays, so Rotarians engaged in lively conversation when President Tom call the meeting to order. Janet Kendall led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Rotarian of the Week Mike Preovolos told us that it was love that brought him to Vallejo after law school; he also told a scary story of a certain Navy doctor (well-known to Club members) and his gloved hand.

Our Visiting Rotarian and speaker was Maureen Maltby, Past President of the Vacaville Club.

Holiday visits by family and friends was the stimulus for an enthusiastic Happy Dollars segment.

Announcements: Cheryl Feldman, on behalf of Ed Stern, announced that our fundraising luau is scheduled for 28 April 2013Samuel Thompson offered tickets for sale for a special event (I’ll post the details after I have my memory refreshed…).

Membership Chair Kasama Lee introduced our speaker, Maureen Maltby is District 5160’s membership guru. Maureen gave us a rousing and inspiring talk on how clubs can increase and retain their membership. She pointed out that retention of present members is as important as recruiting new ones, and she emphasized the importance of a mentorship program whereby present Club members are assigned to mentor new members, bringing them along their path to full and active participation in Club activities. There followed an enthusiastic Q & A, but President Tom closed the meeting promptly at 6.15!

Next meeting: Club Open Forum to discuss where our Club stands, and where we want to see it headed.

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