12 December 2012: Club Assembly – at Sunset!

Our meeting this week was all “official business” as we held our bylaws-required annual business meeting.

Cheryl Feldman led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. Club Historian Janet Kendall, our Rotarian of the Week, told us a bit about her life, including her return to Cal to earn her degree, with the encouragement of her daughters and husband Brian. She graduated with honors, outdoing daughters and spouse!

Our business meeting led off, appropriately, with a report from Treasurer John Feldman. Bottom line: we are in fine financial shape, with enough money left in the our accounts, John projects, for us to salt away about $4k toward our Board-adopted reserve of $20k. Note: in order to open these reports, you will need a password. I will email this to Club members. If you lose the password, contact President Tom.

Next, Past President Brian Kendall gave us a comprehensive report on how our Club is organized. I have to say, that as your President, I learned a lot!

Believe it or not, with these two reports, we had just enough time for Ed Stern‘s announcement of our Holiday Party next week, whereupon President Tom closed the meeting right on time!

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