5 December 2012: Open Forum – at Sunset!

Rotarians filtered in slowly, but by the time President Tom opened the meeting, the room was pretty full. Sergeant-at-Arms Tom Schneider led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

President Tom remarked that due to a last-minute schedule change, we needed a speaker on short notice. Programs Chair Gina Snyder asked Nader El Kabanny if he could get a speaker from his across-the-street neighbors at Six Flags. Nader worked determinedly, attempting many time throughout the week to make contact with the folks there, all to no avail. And so we had an Open Forum.

We welcomed Past District Governor and Club Honorary Member Brian Thiessen. There were no visiting Rotarians or guests of Rotarians.

Board Member Sam Thompson was our Rotarian of the Week. He gave a very inspiring and educational exposition on his life as an accountant, preacher, affordable housing mortgage worker, insurance agent, husband, parent, and grandparent. He ended with a moving tribute to the good work that Rotary does in our world. Special Events Chair Ed Stern delegated to committee member Cheryl Feldman, who announced that Helen Intintoli’s “Well Tempered Voices” will present entertainment at our 19 December holiday party. Instead of gifts for each other, Cheryl pointed out that we should all bring baby diapers, which the Club will give to a mom-and-child shelter (Cheryl didn’t have the name) in town.

Foundation Chair Joan Sumagaysay then rose to present Treasurer John Feldman his second Paul Harris Fellow award. Joan pointed out that $1000 is

Foundation Chair Joan Sumagaysay Present John Feldman His Second Paul Harris Award

Foundation Chair Joan Sumagaysay Presents John Feldman His Second Paul Harris Award

the tariff for each award. John noted that the money given to the Rotary Foundation can give a three-fold return to our Club when it comes time to fund major projects. Rotarians applauded John for his generosity. Joan promised to expand on this theme and many others related to the rotary Foundation in a presentation to the Club in the near future.

Membership Chair Kasama Lee gave us a brief presentation on her plans for our near future. She discussed the “One and Done” program, a competitive membership building plan; a member retention program based on active engagement of all members in the work of the Club; and a new member Mentor program wherein each new member is assigned an experienced Rotarian to serve as the newbie’s guide and support. Kasama said we should look to see these programs being rolled out right after New years.

President-Elect Steve Davis and Sergeant-at-Arms Tom Schneider both talked about volunteer opportunities – Steve’s for a table soliciting food donations at a local food store; Tom’s for volunteer service to Solano County’s Head Start program. Details to follow.

President Tom announced that our meeting next week, 12 December, will be a Club Assembly. It’s an official business meeting of the Club. Guests will not be invited to this meeting. Our holiday party is on for 19 December. We will be dark on 26 December and 2 January 2014.

Our meeting closed at 6.16.

One response

  1. Thanks for the great summation of the meeting! So sorry I missed it! Having spent a long day principaling, I was spent when I left Pennycook at 5:40! Will send John a congrats note!!

    Looking forward to enjoying retirement AND Rotary again!!

    Peace be within you! Polly

    PS. Your summations are so newsy and positive after each meeting! Thanks for taking the time to do them!?

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