7 November 2012: Board Meeting

Board of Directors Meeting

Board Attendees:

  1. Tom Snyder – President
  2. Brian Kendall – Past President
  3. John Feldman – Treasurer
  4. Tom Schneider – Sergeant-at-arms
  5. Sam Thompson – Events Committee Chair
  6. Carol Larson – Director
  7. Janet Kendall – Visitor
  8. Bryant Burleigh – Secretary
  9. Cathy Preovolos – Director
  10. Mark Porter – Service Chair
  11. Kasama Lee – Membership Chair


Agenda Items:

  1. Call to Order
  2. Review/Approval of Minutes of 3 October
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Old Business

a. Financial Reserve Policy:  John Feldman

b. District meeting in Napa

  1. Committee Reports

a. Membership:  Kasama Lee

  1. New Business

a. Consider Membership Chair’s Proposals for Action

b. Financial support for Rose Parade float.

c. Club social event.

  1. Adjourn


Items 1 & 2 (Review & approval of Minutes):  Meeting called to order at 4:30 PM at the Courtyard Mariott hotel.  Minutes of October 03 approved with typo correction to fundraiser budget.

Item 3 (Treasurer’s report): 

            a. Shontell Beasley was contracted to prepare and submit federal Form 990.  Contract includes cost to review treasurer’s books.  She will spot check reconciliation with bank statements and to assure transactions are proper.  The form will be filed electronically.

b. Registered for PETS.  Board approved amendment of the budget from $250 to $650 to cover this item.

Item 4 (Old business)

a. Financial Reserve Policy:  President, Tom, surveyed several Solano County clubs a found clubs with a range of $20,000 to $40,000 in reserve.  Treasurer, John, recommended a goal of a year’s operating expenses be kept in reserve.  The board agreed to start with a goal of $20,000.  The amount could be adjusted in the future to reflect actual annual operations.  To reach that goal the board agreed to target a deposit of $4,000 each year until the goal is reached.  President, Tom, will email copy of the written policy to board members for an electronic vote.

b.  District Meeting in Napa:  President Tom will schedule a club assembly to report on the meeting.

Item 5 (Committee reports – Membership):  Kasama presented several ideas for recruiting and retention of members.  Included for recruiting was the One and Done Program and the Ignite Program.  Retention ideas included a Mentorship Program, getting new members involved right away by putting them on a committee, getting them involved with the Registration Desk or as a greeter, having an assigned one on one buddy.  Retention would also be improved by business networking including Vocational Talk, development of a business directory for club, pre-promotion of the speaker content for the next meeting.

Item 6 (New business): 

            a.  Consider Membership Chair’s proposals for action:  President, Tom, requested Kasama to present several proposals that the board may take action on at a future meeting.

b.  President Tom had  been requested by Rotary International to provide some financial support for the float to be constructed for the Rose Parade.  After discussion the board decided to send $25.

c.  President Tom announced that instead of a regular meeting there would be a club social on December 19 at our regular meeting location.  No budget has been provided yet.  Ed Stern will be requested to head up planning of this event.

Item 7 (Adjourn):  Meeting adjourned at 5:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Bryant Burleigh


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