24 October 2012: Open Forum – at Sunset!

Club members reluctantly left the hotel lobby, where the San Francisco Giants were playing in a World Series game, to join our meeting. (The Giants won the game!)

President Tom called us to order only slightly behind schedule, and then surprised Ed Stern with a request that he lead us in the Pledge.

President-elect Steve Davis was our Rotarian of the Week. He told of his being Vallejo born and bred, and a Mormon. He told of his education, and about his seemingly unlikely career progression to become Director of Admissions at Touro University, right here in town.

Our speaker, who was to audition as an International Service project was a late-minute cancellation, and so President Tom opened the meeting up to general discussion of Club activities. Inasmuch as Tom and Mark Porter had just discussed Mark’s role as “manager” of our Community Service project with the Continentals, Club members were interested to hear Mark’s plan. He noted that while we will support the Boys and Girls Club with our dollars (our major fundraising event, the spring Luau will be keyed particularly toward that project), he also mentioned that there will be multiple opportunities for our members to do volunteer work there. Mark said he plans to work up a sign-up sheet for ongoing volunteer commitments at Continentals.

At this point, with members eager to get back to the baseball game, President Tom reminded us all of the upcoming District 5160 Conference in Napa (2 – 4 November), and that our Club will be dark next week for Hallowe’en). He then belled the meeting closed, a full 5 minutes before our scheduled closing time.

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