10 October 2012: Vocational Service Learning (Offsite) – at Sunset!

Rotarians were in a fiesta mood as they gathered for our offsite meeting at Vallejo’s Mi Pueblo grocery store. The meeting here was to observe the Rotary International monthly theme “Vocational Service” by learning about the grocer’s trade in this unique and delightful place of business. Special kudos to Past President Brian Kendall for making the initial contact with store manager Cesar Lugo; and to Program Co-Chairs Carol Larson and Gina Snyder for nailing down the details of this, our first off site meeting since we became a Chartered Club.

President Tom  using his special “Portable President Kit” bell run open our meeting only a couple of minutes late, after Rotarians had gathered inside the space laid out for our dinner.  After Scott Kays led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the miniature flag that was in the Kit. President Tom immediately turned the program over to Past President Brian, who introduced Mr Lugo.

After telling us his personal story (born in Mexico, immigrated with his family at a young age, grocery business his entire life), Mr Lugo led us on a leisurely tour of his store, featuring the food and pastries all made in the store, the special produce section, and the unique meat and fish section.

President Tom closed the meeting promptly at 6.15 pm. Then we retired to the eating area for an incredible spread of Mexican specialties! I think things sort of wound down at about 7.30, and several members came by to say “this was the best meeting ever!”

–At the Best Rotary Club in the World!

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