3 October 2012: Community Service – at Sunset!

As always, dictator-like, President Tom interrupted lively Rotarian discourse with the business at hand: our meeting!

Cathy Preovolos led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Our Rotarian of the Week was Mike Browne. Mike was worried that, since he just talked to our Club a couple of weeks ago (“Branding Vallejo”0 that we’d be tired of listening to him. His tale of life’s journey through the theme park business to our fair City was charming and compelling.

Visiting Rotarians included Past President LaGuan Lea (Vallejo Noon) and Wendy Jones (Vallejo Noon, Executive Director of Continentals of Omega Boys and Girls Club, our Community Service Project partner).

An enthusiastic Happy Dollars time then followed. Most striking was Mark Porter‘s announcement of a $20,000 gift – from a San Francisco charity for which Mark serves as Board member – to Continentals of Omega Boys and Girls Club. Mark presented the check to Wendy Jones on the spot!

Polly McCall and Sheryl Lea gave their committee’s final report on our Community Service Project. Polly and Sheryl laid out a plan that allows for both financial and volunteer support of the Continentals. They also will work out an off site Club meeting at the Continentals’ building so Rotarians can get a real “feel” for the place and its work. Thanking Polly and her Committee for their efficient and complete work, President Tom then passed the mantle of this project to Mark Porter, our Projects Chair. Mark will manage the project and our relationship with Ms Jones and the Continentals.

At meeting’s end, President Tom reminded us that next week, our meeting will be off-site, at the Mi Pueblo store.

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