3 October 2012: Board of Directors Meeting – at Sunset!

The October meeting of the Board of Directors of the Rotary Club of Solano Sunset was convened by President Tom at 4.30 pm in the Club meeting room at Courtyard Marriott Vallejo-Napa Valley. Board members present were: Tom Snyder, Brian Kendall, John Feldman, Cathy Preovolos, Carol Larson, Sam Thompson, Steve Davis, thus establishing a quorum. New Club members Polly McCall,  Sheryl Lea and Janet Kendall attended to meet a requirement for advancement to Blue Badge status.

Minutes of the 5 September meeting were reviewed and accepted without change.

Treasurer John Feldman presented two proposed policies and a proposed Club budget for the current year:

  • Charitable Contribution Policy – was discussed, and unanimously adopted
  • Financial Reserve Policy – was TABLED; President Tom will survey other Solano County Clubs to see if there is a consensus on an appropriate financial reserve amount.
  • Proposed Budget was discussed and unanimously adopted.

Treasure John then discussed our current cash position, which, while not luxurious, is altogether satisfactory.

Board then took up a request for guidance concerning our Major Fundraiser, from Special Events Chair Ed Stern:

  • How many people expected? 100
  • Operating budget? $600
  • Use Eventbrite? Yes
  • Event Theme? Luau
  • Event site? Hotel OK, but consider offsite such as Six Flags

Members of the Special Community Service Project Committee (Polly McCall, Sheryl Lea) made a presentation on their proposed program with Continentals of Omega Boys and Girls Club. They were thanked for their work on this project. They will present the project to the whole Club after this Board meeting.

Board considered Vice President Jim Aquino‘s inquiry about an operating budget for the upcoming New Member Orientation meeting he’s chairing. M/S/A $200.

Meeting closed by President Tom at 5.25 pm

Thanks to Polly McCall for taking meeting notes in the (excused) absence of Secretary Bryant Burleigh.

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  1. Samuel L. Thompson | Reply

    I plan on attending and I believe Mark Porter attended as well but he was a little late.

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