19 September 2012: Community Service Project – at Sunset!

Rotarians seemed to be in a jolly mood as they gathered for our meeting, and President Tom reluctantly interrupted several ongoing lively conversations to bring the meeting to order.

Sam Thompson, ever in stentorian voice, led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Past President Brian Kendall was our Rotarian of the Week. He regaled us with his life story and even let us in on a (surprise) secret: he’s a closet introvert! Who woulda’ known?

Visiting Rotarians included Past President and Charter Committee Special Representative to the DG Pet Friesen (whew! Vallejo Noon) and Past President (and good friend of the Club) Mike Diaz (Vallejo Noon)

President Tom announced that Janet Kendall had some time ago agreed to serve as Club Historian. Tom apologized for his delay in making this known. The historian’s role will be to collect and preserve documents and mementos of our Club – for the edification and enjoyment of future generations of Sunset Solano Rotarians.

Secretary Bryant Burleigh showed off his new [draft] Club Roster. Bryant encouraged every member to review his or her entry in the Roster, and submit corrections to him. Polly McCall gave us a brief update on the work she and her committee (Sheryl Lea and Jim Aquino) are doing to work out details of our Community Service Project with Wendy Jones at the Continentals of Omega Boys and Girls Club.

Programs Co-Chair and Board Member Carol Larson introduced our speakers. This week, we observe Rotary International’s monthly theme of “New Generations” by inviting Shane McAffee, Executive Director of the Greater Vallejo Recreation District,  and his associate Tony Kenaston, to speak about GVRD’s programs for kids in our town. Boy, were we impressed with the number and variety of programs GVRD offers for kids of all ages, during all seasons!

Announcements President Tom reminded us of the upcoming Law Enforcement Officers Recognition event sponsored by all of Solano County’s Rotary Clubs on 19 October. See Tom for tix, @ $35. Visiting Rotarian Pete Friesen announced the Noon Club’s major annual fundraiser – “Rocktoberfest” – the same evening, 19 October, at the Masonic Temple in town. Tariff for Rocktoberfest is $55 per person or $100 a couple. Treasure John Feldman says he and Cheryl attended last year’s event and had a lot of fun.

President Tom closed our meeting with a reminder that we are “dark” next week – no meeting – in observation of Yom Kippur.

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