5 September 2012: Community Service Project Decision Time – at Sunset!

A whole lot of Rotarians burst into our meeting room as the Board of Directors finished up its business for the month (see Board Report in a separate blog post).

After Scott Kays led us in the pledge, we welcomed VIP Past District Governor and honorary member Brian Thiessen, visiting Rotarians Past Presidents Mike Diaz and LaGuan Lea, and Tony Intintoli, all from the Vallejo noon club. Carol Larson introduced her guest, Sherrie Webber.

At the suggestion of Kasama LeePresident Tom

Jim Aquino, Our First Rotarian of the Week (Image: kendallconcepts.com)

introduced a new Club feature: Rotarian of the Week. The idea here is that as the Club grows and members come and go, we lose basic familiarity with each other. To counter this, each week, a member will be invited to give a 2-minute introduction of themselves. Jim Aquino was our inaugural Rotarian of the Week, and we learned a lot about him in a fact-filled 2 minutes!

Completing the pre-meeting business, President Tom noted that with Steve Davis‘s nomination as President Elect, we needed to fill his position on the Board of Director. With that, Tom introduced the Board’s unanimous choice: Sam Thompson. Sam was greeted with enthusiastic support from all our members.

We had no speaker this week, because the Club had an assembly to choose our Community Service project from among the five organizations that had “auditioned” for us over the past couple of months. These

Joan Sumagaysay Prepares to be Vote Counter

organizations were: Solano County Libraries Adult Literacy Program; Continentals of Omega Boys and Girls Club; proposed RotaCare Clinic in Vallejo; Global Center for Success; Leadership Vallejo. There ensued a generous and enthusiastic discussion of the pros and cons of supporting each of them. Each enjoyed spirited support by up to several members. As the conversation wore on, however, a consensus gradually emerged. In a final vote, Continentals of Omega garnered a clear majority of votes.

LaGuan Lea announced The Rotary Clubs of Solano County “Law Enforcement Recognition Night on Friday, 19 October. Tickets are $35 per person, and our Club is expected to sponsor a table of 8. President Tom has tickets.

Tom Schneider Explains the Red-to-Blue Badge Process (Image: kendallconcepts.com)

Before closing the meeting, President Tom asked Polly McCall to set up an ad hoc committee to work with Wendy Jones at Continentals on the details of our support. Polly stated her goal would be to be able to present the program to the Board of Directors at its October meeting. Tom Schneider explained the five-step process our Red Badge Rotarians need to go through to become eligible to earn their Blue Badges of regular members.

Whereupon, with a full-throated “gong” from our new bell, President Tom closed the meeting.

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