5 September 2012: Board of Directors – at Sunset!

Rotary Club of Solano Sunset-Vallejo

September 5, 2012

Board of Directors Meeting

[DRAFT Minutes]


Board Attendees:

  1. Tom Snyder
  2. Brian Kendall
  3. Steve Davis
  4. John Feldman
  5. Tom Schneider
  6. Sam Thompson-visitor (Events Committee Chair)
  7. Carol Larson
  8. Janet Kendall-visitor
  9. Bryant Burleigh


Agenda Items:

  1. Replacement for Steve Davis on Board
  2. Pre-approve Club decision on Community Service Project
  3. Policy Concerning Goal for Club Size
  4. Fundraiser in Autumn
  5. Hospitality Room at District Conclave Napa, November 2-4
  6. (Item added to agenda) Standard form needed for Club projects
  7. (Item added to agenda) Select different meeting time for Board meeting


Item 1:

–       Confidential discussion.


After discussion:

Pres. Tom nominates Sam to Board.

Brian seconds.

No dissent among Board members.


John recommends that future discussions of filling positions be discussed in front of Board members only.


Item 2:

–       John feels that larger issue is at hand with donation policy. There is currently $4000 in unallocated funds is available. Reservesà what percentage or fixed number should be donated? Happy dollars makes up good portion of Club’s intake.

–       Tom Schneider discusses others Clubs’ ways to donate funds to local causes.

–       Steve is not a fan of large cash donation. Rotary International is a service organization and not a bank.

–       John states that $180 is due to RI for magazine subscription order. Solano Sunset has accrued money to pay for magazine order and Club members’ dues. Cost of meetings + recognition/happy dollars + fundraisers=how Solano Sunset raises money.

–       Pres. Tom states that we need to come up with policy to designate money.

–       John wants to put this info out to members to know what they think.

–       Tom Schneider recommends gifting at the end of the year.

–       Steve recommends that Solano Sunset match dollar for dollar as a service club.

–       Brian states that RI wants projects that are sustainable and give recognition.

–       Pres. Tom designates John, Steve, and Tom Schneider work together on designing a policy. John will head committee.

–       Pres. Tom imposes “one” service project only. Policy will determine amount of money given.


Item 3:

–       Pres. Tom reiterates District Governor Laura’s statement that RI Clubs become comfortable with its size. Do we want to get aggressive and set a goal of 50 members? We need to keep meetings interesting and fun to keep the members we currently have.

–       Steve would like to see a project committee that would help keep members involved.


Pres. Tom motions for 50 members.

Brian second.

No dissent among Board members.


Item 4:

–       Pres. Tom states that Liz Burleigh suggested a Hawaiian get-together as the Club’s yearly anniversary event. June is vacation month; October or November is an option if it doesn’t coincide with other Clubs’ events. January is another option.

–       Tom Schneider would like to see a luau as part of the theme. Discovery Park could be a possible location for event. Club members could bring a guest…a recruitment and celebration in one event.

–       Do not have crab feed or spaghetti feed. Too many currently taking place.

–       Roast a pig at luau.

–       Carol recommends hosting a silent auction.


John motions we have a Hawaiian luau theme. Event committee will work on venue. Check community calendar so we are not competing with other established events; come back with plan.

Carol seconds.

No dissent among Board members.


Item 5:


–       Solano Sunset has opportunity to host a booth at November 2-4 District Conference.

–       Pres. Tom suggests possibly joining with afternoon Club or should Solano Sunset host individually?

–       Brian states that each Club is unique in the booth they host.


John motions to support Pres. Tom’s inclinations and spend $250.

Steve seconds.

No dissent among Board members.


Item 6:

–       Carol presents Pres. Tom with a standardized (example) form to use for Community Service Project requests.


Item 7:

–       Some Board members not attending regularly.

–       John states that initially 4:30 time-slot worked for current Board members.


Steve motions to table issue until there is a full Board in attendance.

Pres. Tom seconds.

No dissent among Board members.


Meeting adjourned at 5:15PM.

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