29 August 2012: A New Bell and Gavel, & Leadership Vallejo – at Sunset!

For the last meeting in August, Steve Davis led the Pledge of Allegiance. President Tom asked Steve to remain

President Elect (2013-2014) Steve Davis (Image: kendallconcepts.com)

standing in order to announce that he is our President Elect for 2013-2014! All Rotarians in attendance greeting this news with enthusiastic applause.

We had no VIPs or Visiting Rotarians with us this week. Guests joining us were Sandra Wilhite (Sam Thompson), Joyce Giles (Tom Snyder), Tina Woody (Cheryl Feldman), Tina Fowler & Roger Scranton (Club: Speakers).

Mike Preovolos and the Gavel He Created (Image: kendallconcepts.com)

President Tom asked Mike Preovolos to step forward. Tom explained that every Rotary Club has its own gavel and bell. The ones we have been using are loaners from our neighboring clubs. Mike, a very talented wood craftsman volunteered to create our own gavel. He told us that this one is made of olive wood, a symbol of peace and victory from ancient Greek times. Mike noted that he and Liz Burleigh worked on a brass plaque for the gavel. It is engraved with the words “Created by Charter Member Mike Preovolos for Rotary Club of Solano Sunset, June 18, 2012” The small plaque, wrapped around the gavel’s widest portion is adorned with the Rotary wheel at its center.

President Tom then asked our guest Joyce Giles, manager of the Mare Island Museum to step forward.

Guest Joyce Giles, Manager of the Mare Island Museum, Helps Unveil Our New Bell (Image: kendallconcepts.com)

Sitting on a table beside the podium was a colorful cloth draped over a mystery object. With Joyce’s help, President Tom unveiled – our Club Bell! Weighing in at 27 pounds, and standing on a base devised by Mike Preovolos (who also shined it to a brilliant glow), this is a bell to make any Club proud! Tom presented Joyce a $200 check from the Club, a gift for providing the bell from the Museum’s non-critical inventory. Joyce indicated that it is believed the bell was foundaried on Mare Island, and was owned by a private citizen for many years before it found its way to the Museum library. After the dedication, Tom tried the bell out – and was rewarded with a resounding, deep-toned chime!

Noting that theirs was the last in a five-part series of “auditions” by community organizations, Tom then introduced our

Tina Fowler and Roger Scranton Speak on Leadership Vallejo (Image: kendallconcepts.com)

speakers, Tina Fowler and Roger Scranton from Leadership Vallejo. In a team presentation, Tina and Roger described the Leadership Vallejo program of education and motivation for Vallejo’s future leaders. At some point, Tina pointed out that our own Kathy Preovolos was on the LV founding Board of Directors. Their enthusiastic spirit prompted many questions from our members.

As he brought the meeting to a close, President Tom reminded us that next week’s meeting will be a Club Assembly to choose our Community Service project for 2012-13.

Our New Bell & Gavel: Aren’t They Beautiful?! (Image: kendallconcepts.com)

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