8 August 2012 – Membership at Sunset

Rotarians found their speaker and their President engaged in setting up the video display as they gathered in our meeting room. One by one, they introduced themselves to our guest, and set about engaging in the friendly conversation to which we’ve become accustomed. Soon, everything was in order, and President Tom opened our meeting precisely on time.

Sgt-at-Arms Tom Schneider, Cheryl Feldman, Samuel Thompson, Treasurer John Feldman and Guest Jim Bui. (Photo: Tom Snyder)

Our very own Shontelle Beasley, led us in the Pledge.

There were no visiting VIPs or visiting Rotarians. Kasama Lee introduced her guest, Jim Bui.

President Tom pointed out that, to his knowledge, all Rotary Clubs have a unique banner, both in large size for display at meetings, and miniature for members to take as gifts when they visit other Rotary Clubs on make-ups. Tom’s request for volunteers to serve on a Banner Design Committee was quickly answered by Sheryl Lea, Carol Larson, and Mike Browne. As she volunteered first, Tom designated Sheryl the Committee chair, and asked that her Committee plan to report out a design to the Club in a month or six weeks.

This Club work done, Rotarians promptly set about again making Treasurer John Feldman happy with a lively round of happy dollars.

Membership Chair Kasama Lee Educates Solano Sunset Rotarians About – Membership!

Recognizing that 21 out of our 28 members are first time Rotarians, President Tom has made a high priority to making us all “educators” about Rotary to each other. One way of doing this will be to key on Rotary International’s monthly themes, and use these as an opportunity to learn more. August is Membership Month, and to this end, Membership Chair Kasama Lee came prepared to educate us about – Membership!

After President Tom’s brief introduction in which we learned that Kasama came to the U.S. at age 14, speaking almost no English, that she decided as long as she was going to live here she should “sound like an American (hence no accent), and that she’s been happily and successfully self-employued for 10 years, Kasama opened her presentation.

Kasama told us who make ideal Rotarians: leaders or decision makers in their industries, professionals, business owners and especially, people with a record of commitment to service to community. She detailed the Club policy on reimbursement for guest who are prospective members, viz., Club members can get $10 reimbursement for up to three visits by a guest who ultimately does become a Club member. Kasama then led us through our Club’s New Member Proposal process, the steps of which detailed (See Article 13) in the Solano Sunset Bylaws (2010).  She closed by handing out some nifty Rotary “recruiting” materials.

After the applause for Kasama settled, President Tom announced that he didn’t have the name of next week’s presenter, but that he’d send the information out in his weekly meeting announcement email, whereupon, he declared our meeting closed.

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