15 August 2012: “Success” – at Sunset!

Our meeting space was nice an compact – “intimate” – this week. It actually felt kinda’ nice to be sitting a little closer to each other – and to the podium.

Sam Thompson Introduces Visiting Rotarian Samuel Murray (Image: KendallConcepts)

Mike Browne led us in the Pledge of Allegiance. We had no VIP visitors. President Tom put Samuel Thompson on the spot to introduce the guests at his table: Visiting Rotarian Samuel Murray, from the Rotary Club of San Francisco Bayview (more about later), our speaker Elvie DeLeon, and her associates Darren Goon and Sandra Wilhite.

After some spirited Happy Dollar sharing, President Tom introduced another guest,  Dennis Klimisch – better known as the husband of our sister Club’s Past President Connie – to talk about his project to clean up Sonoma Boulevard. After detailing his project, Dennis invited us to join him this coming Saturday to finish the job he and many Lion and Rotarian friends started a couple of weeks ago.

Dennis Klimmisch Talks About His “Clean Up Sonoma Blvd” Project (Image: KendallConcepts)

President Tom  reminded Rotarians that today’s was the next-to-last in our series of community organization “auditions”, and presented Ms Elvie DeLeon, Executive Director of the Global Center for Success, located on Mare Island. After introducing the chairman of her Board of Directors, Visiting Rotarian Samuel Murray, and staffers Darren Goon and Sandra Wilhite, Elvie told briefly of her being an immigrant from the Philippines who, after a career in Human Resources for a major corporation, “retired” to take on the even bigger task of operating an organization that provides a huge variety of counseling, education and training opportunities for people who are struggling with life because of alcohol, drugs or just the bad economy. Elvie’s slide presentation and short video were informative and inspiring, and stimulated many questions from Rotarians both at the end of her talk, and after the meeting was closed.

Elvie DeLeon Speaks (Image: KendallConcepts)

President Tom reminded Rotarians that next week’s program is District Governor Laura Day‘s official annual Club visit. He encouraged us to “show up in force” to greet her. She will no doubt educate us about Rotary, and will for certain talk about her District International Project – an “audition” in itself!

District Governor Laura Day Visits Next Week! (Image: Rotary5160.org)

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