18 July 2012: Our Own Samuel Thompson on Insurance – at Sunset!

President Tom seemed a bit more relaxed in this the second meeting of his Rotary year. Natalie Shugart led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ed Stern, our Special Events Committee Chair Reports to the Club (photo: Brian Kendall, kendallconcepts.com)

Ed Stern, Chair of our Special Events Committee updated us on plans for our Charter Celebration gala next week: Hawai’ian theme: wear your finest island apparel! Hawai’ian-style heavy hors d’oeuvre; semi-intimate table seating in our meeting room; 80 seats max, with all but ~25 seats spoken for when he talked; famed Rotary International Past president our keynote speaker. Festive arrangements for a festive time. Past President Brian Kendall brought his iPad, all set up to register members for the Celebration on the spot!

Last week, Treasurer John Feldman complained to President Tom that the treasury was in need of an infusion of Happy Dollars, so this week, we opened the financial floodgates. Many – if not most – Rotarians stood to deliver their happy news (promotions, family in town, family leaving town, children attaining career goals, new grandbabies, etc.) and their cash. I’ll add details when I get them.

Samuel Thompson Educates Us on Insurance Coverage (photo: Brian Kendall, kendallconcepts.com)

President Tom introduced today’s speaker, Club member Samuel Thompson. Sam, an insurance agent, had prompted us to bring in the Declaration page of our auto policies – and for good reason. We learned about state-mandated minimum required coverage limits and about much more sensible (and substantially larger) limits that each of us should carry. Sam’s mantra when it comes to liability coverage: “How much do you have to lose?” Add up your assets – the stuff you could lose if you’re sued for harming someone in an accident – and that’s the level of liability coverage you should have on your auto / household / umbrella policies. Sam went on to point out the huge number of insurance products available today. His talk generated a number of good questions, and lively discussion.

Our meeting ended promptly at 6.15, but not until after President Tom once again reminded all Rotarians to sign up for our Charter Celebration next week.

©2012 Thomas L Snyder

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