Welcome to Rotary Club of Solano Sunset

Rotary International chartered our club on 18 June, 2012. In a process that took nearly 2 years, Charter President Brian Kendall, assisted by Charter Committee members Jim Aquino, LaGuan Lee, Jerry Wilkerson and District Governor Special Representative Pete Friesen (all of whom are or had been members of the 70 year old Rotary Club of Vallejo, California) built a membership of 30 mostly new Rotarians as Charter Members.

Ours is a “new model club”, designed to meet the needs of a younger generation of Rotarians. Our meetings are just 45 minutes, and feature ample opportunity for service, and a good program, with a minimum of ceremony. We meet during the commute hour – 5.30 pm – so it’s convenient to drop off the freeway right to our meeting hotel, the Courtyard Marriott, across the street from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. Members can gather for conviviality in the friendly hotel lounge before the meeting, or afterward.

For more information about the Club, its members and its activities, please consult our website.

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